Video: Bitcoin ATM machine In Zimbabwe

I made my first cash withdrawal from a Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency machine in Zimbabwe. If you are reading this post chances are you need to see the video. I did a recording as did the transaction the video is in this post.

My gift to you today

Just because I was so excited to do my first bitcoin transaction on an atm. I am going to give you FREE access to one of my Bitcoin For Beginners Training courses 100% FREE. If you come to my website site you will pay $77.00 for this course. You will find the link to create you free account on this article.

Who am I & why should you listen to me?

My name is Kudakwashe Sape Tshuma I am an online entrepreneur. I have helped a number of people in and outside of Zimbabwe to get started with their online entrepreneurship. Enough about me right let’s jump to the main story today. Though I feel my video did not cover everything. After I published the video recording on my facebook I get a number of questions which I may be able to answer. If I am not able to answer definitely GOLIX is available to assist.

Video: My First Cash Withdrawal from A bitcoin machine

Yes, am I sure after watching this video you may have questions. Like I said earlier I may not be able to answer all the question. Please leave a comment below if you have any questions.

Who is GOLIX? is an exchange website where buyers and sellers of cryptocurrencies meet to trade currencies. Golix is the former bitcoin fundi company. I started knowing about this company a few years back when I wanted to perform bitcoin transactions. I have used the website/company to transact bitcoin ether buying or selling. As well as some of my students that took the bitcoin for beginners course they use this site too. Keep reading I will give you access to the course for free I promise.

What is the rate of withdrawal?

A number of friends asked this question. Well, I didn’t really check the rate as I did my transaction. One of the things that the Bitcoin ATM in Zimbabwe provides – It provides convenience and fewer chances of being scammed. There have been more and more cases of people who got scammed through bitcoin.

Do I need an ATM card?

If I hear someone asking this question, definitely that person is new to bitcoin. You DON’T need an ATM card to perform a withdrawal or to purchase bitcoins from a Bitcoin machine. I use my cell phone which has the bitcoin wallet. The process is you scan a QR code given by the ATM machine and the bitcoins will be deducted from your wallet and the ATM spits out USD. (United States Dollars)

Where is the Bitcoin ATM machine located in Zimbabwe?

AT the time that I am writing this article the ATM machine is located at Batanai Gardens, Corner Jason Moyo, and First Street, Harare, Zimbabwe. THough one of the gentlemen who helped me mentioned about moving the machine to where it can be accessed 24/7. As of now, the machine can be used during working hours.

What does the ATM A MACHINE DO?

Though my video showed me making a withdrawal. The machine can be used to purchase bitcoins as well.

Who uses Bitcoin in Zimbabwe?

A lot more people are still confused how bitcoin works. 90% population in Zimbabwe and the rest of the world are not aware of bitcoin. This means this bitcoin has a greater chance of growth. This just like when the internet was introduced back in the 90s yet still other people are still confused about how the internet works. People whoΒ  are very active in using bitcoin are forex traders, online currency traders, network marketing, business peopleΒ  the list goes on, (THIS is what I covered in the bitcoin for beginners course)


A lot of people have been scammed through bitcoin. If you have followed any of my training I always encourage people to learn before they earn. Having worked with a number of people online. the majority of people are more concerned about the money they can make hence they fall for quick bucks that turns out to be scams. More & more bitcoin scams are being launched on daily basis. This pushed me to create the Bitcoin training course.


This is a paid course that you are about to access for free. There is a condition to that. You can only get free access one you share and at least bring a friend to learn about bitcoins. CLICK HEREEΒ  to get started. ON my Bitcoin Course you will learn about getting started with bitcoin the risks and the advantages


As an online entrepreneur, I followed Golix company since they were Bitcoin Fundi. The company is doing well and bringing awareness to possibilities which is what matters.

Did I leave anything in this article please leave a comment people I will be more than happy to answer.


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  2. Hello 8 want to buy Bitcoin in Harare Zimbabwe please help me with the location of the stand of the Bitcoin atm machine

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