7 ways I make money online in Zimbabwe

Ways I make money online in Zimbabwe. Notice the topic of this article does not say ways to make money online in Zimbabwe. In this post, I am going to share some of the ways that I earn money online from. Before I jump on to the ways lets define what making money online is.

What is making money online?

Honestly, I find it very difficult to give the best definition here. Just like many people who send a lot of messages to my inbox asking how can they make money online. I will go with the definition that my online business coach taught me. Making money online is about creating a service or value that is online based and people will pay money in exchange for that service or value.

What ways can one make money online from?

There are thousands of ways of making money online, some I don’t even know them. In this article, I will just cover a few ways that I do to profit from the internet.

I have tried many different things online some didn’t work out well… Making money online is all about building an online business that lasts for generations, A business that you can choose to sell when you no longer want to work on it. As you read this post you will realize that all my online business follow some certain guidelines

  1. It’s a business that runs 24/7
  2. It’s a business that I can choose to sell
  3. It’s a business that I own
  4. It’s a business that is online based
  5. and so on

Like I said earlier that there are different methods of making money online, You don’t have to follow what I do it may not work for you. You need to work your way out and find your place on the internet where you can profit from. There is so much money online and anyone can profit from the internet.

Benefits of making money online

Having an online business gives a lot of time freedom. You get to choose who you want to be with, how you need to spend your time, no morning rush to work, you can work from anywhere in the world as long there is the internet connection.

With that out of the way, lets look at the ways I make money online in Zimbabwe.


Ways That I make money online from:

  1. InternetProClub.Com: This is a coaching program that my online business coach advised me to create or start. Internet pro club is a community of people who aspire to make money online. Having been online for a number of years now I realized that I am a few steps ahead of others. This was the added advantage my coach realized I could teach people what I know hence he suggested that I create a coaching program that helps people kick-start their journey to making money online. People pay a one-time payment of $97.00 to access the membership website and have access to video tutorials, ebooks, WhatsApp group, one on one calls and so on. I understand that the journey of getting online is not easy you need the help of other so internet pro club helps you kick-start your make online journey. You will be tempted to give up many times which some people do hey.Internet Pro Club coaching program has managed to reach people in Zimbabwe and outside Zimbabwe, You can read more about internet pro club by clicking here

You may also check some of the students who took the internet Pro club Coaching program www.samuonline.com, African Queen Zimbabwe,  just to mention a few.


2. Creative21.

creativetwentyone.com  this is one of my websites that offer website design and hosting services to individuals and companies. Having realized the ever-growing need for businesses to represent their business online. I work with business owners helping them put their offline businesses online and marketing online as well. Creative21 has a great team that helps you ut your business online. How do I make money from this? I charge clients web design and hosting services, myself and the amazing team at Creative21 will make sure you get the best results from your website. Here are some of the clients that I worked with to put their Business online.  http://www.goldenknits.co.zw . This is an online business that runs 24/7 online, what I love about this is that it creates residual income.


3. Zimbinarytraders

Zimbabwe Binary traders zimbinarytrader.com: A few years back oe of my friends introduced me to Forex trading business . We got into partnership where we agreed that we train people on forex trading. I was the marketing person and he was the trading expert. We started off at a good pace and many people took our course until my business partner decided to make a business decision that he wanted to go solo.During the time we where together we recorded all the trainings we did. I was then left to make a decision to open the Forex trading course for beginners open to the public. The training course has all you need to get started with binary or forex trading. from this site I make money from recommending forex or binary brokers You can check this Post I wrote about profiting from forex brokers. This is now affiliate marketing which I talk about on a later stage. you can visit the website by clicking here


4. Zimdiary.com

Zimbabwe events diary is a website focused on promoting events in Zimbabwe. The way I make profits here is I charge clients for blogging, posting, promoting their events online using our facebook page and website. we have a huge database that reaches a lot of Zimbabweans. We collected this database using different Facebook marketing methods.  this Business runs 24/7 no need for office and noo need to hire full time employees . But  I have a great team that works behind the scenes to make sure all is running well. This  is my other income source online.


5. Bitcoin for beginners online course

Earlier on I spoke about internet pro club which is a membership website where people subscribe to learn and get help. Same goes with bitcoin for beginners course . i have seen a lot of people losing money to bitcoin scams . the weakness there was that most people want to make money from bitcoin yet they have no idea what bitcoin is all about. The bitcoin for beginners training course covers all the basic information that you need to get started with bitcoin so that you make informed decisions. this course is not a free course my clients pay to access the course. I have been using bitcoin for a number of years, I have learnt a number of things hence I created a series of videos to help the newbies start with bitcoin you can read more about this course by clicking here


6. Bitcoin trading

Bitcoin is trending as I write this post a lot of people are buying bitcoins for deferent reasons. investments, holding and so on. I buy and sell bitcoin and keep the profit margin. A few years back I had an interview with a student lady who sells & buy past time. I got to know that one can profit from just buying and selling without owing any bitcoins. You can check out the interview I did with her by clicking here 


7. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the process of promoting other businesses for a commision. I do promote software, training and so on, that business owners use. A good example is ipage.com . this company offer website hosting services hence they pay anyone for directing clients to them. I do promote a number of softwares for a commission I use different online marketing methods to get clients.


Once the businesses are all set I then focus on setting up different methods to bring more views to my businesses. This is where facebook, Youtube, emails, webinars and so on comes to play. Making money online is possible and not easy but once you crack the code it will be the best thing you do. The rewards are so huge. Did I miss anything from my article? please leave a comment I will be more than happy to hear from you.


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