Webinar -Step by step guide to building your on-line affiliate business

Step by step guide to success
Step by step guide to success

Step by step guide to building your online affiliate business

Watch the video and learn the skills you need to get started in your on-line business. Learn from the webinar with UK based internet marketer, business owner and philanthropist, Yeukai Kajidori as he addresses a Zimbabwean community on how to prepare for the business opportunity of a life-time.

Firstly, do not be afraid to make things happen, making mistakes is the best way to learn in any discipline. Create a mind-set that looks ahead, blame finding, excuses and self-pity are your first enemy if you are to make it, do NOT be pulled back by the following ;

Drawback No 1 -: Shiny Object syndrome, we keep saying the economy is unstable, but that does not mean that all your business ventures should be as unstable. Hoping from one project to the other in search of what appears to be shinier is the first downfall trigger. You simply never excel in any.

Drawback No 2 -: Giving up too easily, the four stages of learning come in the four main forms          i) Unconsciously incompetent stage – at this point you just do not know what you do not know or may need to know.

                  ii) Consciously incompetent – you have realised what you do not know and are at a point of learning that object. You know exactly what you want to achieve usually many of us give up at this point.

Step by step guide to a successful on-line business
Step by step guide to a successful on-line business

                             iii) Consciously competent – Little Johnie will hush the whole room so that he manages to tie his shoe laces, it takes all of his concentration to do this simple accomplishment. You are at the same level when it takes all your efforts to carry out the tasks

                          iv) Un-consciously competent – Like driving a car for years, you do not even think about what you can do, you just do as all your faculties are now in tune to the accomplishment. In a way, you are hardly aware that you know so much.



Drawback No 3 -: Information over-load –You have so many teachers and mentors and each one has their method of how to get to your desired point of success, they nearly always never say the same thing. This will distract your focus.

Drawback No 4 -: Lack of knowledge –If you do not research and look for answers to some things you may find they look ominously scary. You need to find information on a topic for familiarity breeds comfort.

Drawback No 5 -: Getting started – Usually we enjoy learning things, hearing about them, talking about them and reading about them but truth be told, taking that first act to actually doing it is a whole new world most of us would rather not navigate.

Watch this video for the full tips kit

Get rid of these negative symptoms of the one object in your life that may or may not drive you to success is the first step towards a journey of a marvelous success story. Look out for the next part of our informative webinar – Correcting the Myths about Internet Marketing

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