Correcting the Myths about Internet Marketing

Correcting the Myths about Internet Marketing

Stereotyping and mis-informed a on the big things assumptions always give rise to wrong decisions and at times we lose out on the big things in life because of a belief we have simply accepted without question. We are afraid of walking under a ladder, meeting a black cat on the road gives us goose-bumps and admittedly I used to hide my fallen off teeth under my pillow for the tooth fairy.

Myths, like superstitions, have no solid justification. It took me to put my tooth under the pillow only to hear it clattering the next morning while making my bed for me to know there might not be a tooth fairy after all, at least for me that is. The same should be with business beliefs, try them on your own and learn your personal truth about them.

Busting Online business Myths
Busting Online business Myths

You will be making huge money online – you do make money on-line, but it is not the simple act of setting up the website and sitting with your click finger ready before you can start seeing a few dollars in your account. Some have left the internet business without so much as a dime.

It takes a lot of hard-work and patience to start earning and even more time to make surviving income much more so for the huge monies you are after.

It gives you time and freedom to travel the world – In fact, it takes away most of your free time when you get started. When I started, I had to research, create templates, source programs and follow up on my customers. I hardly had time for a lazy cup of coffee with a friend. You need much time, discipline and more time to get a head-start as an on-line marketer.

Get rich quick promise– Far from getting reach quick, my first months I was pumping money into my business. I had to advertise, get the most proficient machines, web-hosting and research. I got a little poorer before I started earning anything. But you will get rich, that’s for sure. You just do not wake up a millionaire one fine morning.

You can buy the step by step Map (GPS) for your on-line business – Trust me, your business is unique and that is what makes it indispensable. If you were to buy a step by step kit, how would the business resonate with the personal individual that is You? Every business has its success story, write your way. Of course you need to research, learn skills but you must do the step by step on your own –simply get guidelines!

That said, now you are ready to get started on your on your online business, read our next article on Setting up your On-line Business

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