What is Royal Q & How does it work?

In this ROyal Q review I am going to share my unique take on royal Q trading robot. There has been a buzz about this trading app. I will cover some key features and information you may need to know, including if Royal Q is a scam or not. Before we dive in lets look at what is trading cryptocurrencies.

What is cryptocurrency trading?

Cryptocurrency is the next big thing, especially with investors wanting safe places like gold to store their money in. With that being said, people are now looking for alternative investments because they can get cheaper returns buying cryptocurrencies as an investment than getting it through traditional ways. The rise of Bitcoin made everyone want to invest in cryptocurrency all at once. And by everybody i mean small businesses & large corporations. But how do we buy these coins? How do we trade them safely?

What is Royal Q Trading app?

A mobile application that trades cryptocurrencies. The app performs quantitative trading. This means it takes away the human input to analyze chats, place trades. If you have been in forex trading, you will understand how online forex traders spend time on making decisions.

How does Royal Q Crypto trading robot place automated trades?

In order to buy and sell cryptocurrencies you would need to use exchange platforms to perform your trades. There are a number of crypto trading platforms on the market. The app connects via API to 2 exchanges, which are Binance and Huobi. Once you create your account, download, and activate the app. You would need to fund your binance or huobi account Create an account on Binance platorm Create an account on Huobi platform instead of one placing trades on huobi or binance. This means you assign the royal Q bot to trade on your behalf. Whenever the price dips, the royal q app buy and only sell at a profit. This is trading hands free.

Ways to make money

There are 2 main ways to make money from the platform.

The number 1 way to make money is :Cryptocurrency trading.

Like I said earlier, you need to download the app. Create your exchange account ( Huobi or Binance) Add funds to your trading account. The robot will start placing trades for you and spitting out profits. You don’t have to be a crypto expert with this. as it allows you to earn passive income.

Number 2 way to make money is:Team Building.

The second way to earn money is by referral commissions. When someone signs up using your link, they get paid commission for every new user who registers through their link. So when people signup using your links, you can earn extra income. There are levels to this meaning you get a paid account to the growth of your team. This can indeed, a good way to earn extra, if not life- changing income from this. The commissions are available for instant withdrawal. Let’s have a look at some levels

Rank V1:
✅Starts from Activation
✅Direct Referral 30%
✅Team Reward 20%

Rank V2:
✅3 Direct  Referrals
✅At Least 3  V1
✅20 Team Members
✅Direct Referrals 40%
✅Team Reward 30%
✅ 10 USD on all indirect new V1s  in your team to infinity

Rank v3:
✅5 Direct Referrals
✅At Least 3  V2
✅100 Team Members
✅Direct Referrals 50%
✅Team Reward 40%
✅Peer Reward 5%
✅ 20 USD on all indirect new V1s  in your team to infinity

Rank V4:
✅8 Direct Referrals
✅At Least 3  V3
✅300 Team Members
✅Direct Referral 60%
✅Team Reward 50%
✅Peer Reward 5%
✅ 30 USD on all indirect new V1s  in your team to infinity

Rank V5
✅12 Direct Referrals
✅At Least 3  V4
✅800 Team Members
✅Direct Referral 65%
✅Team Reward 55%
✅Peer Reward 5%
✅ 40 USD on all indirect  new V1s  in your team to infinity

Rank V6:
✅20 Direct Referrals
✅At Least 3  V5
✅1500 Team Members
✅Direct Referral 70%
✅Team Reward 60%
✅Peer Reward 5%
Global Dividend 5%
✅ 50 USD on all indirect new V1s  in your team to infinity

Below is a video that explains the royal Q compensation plan


How does one get started?

Here are the steps one needs to take from start to finish and see some results in their account.


Step 1 – Create an account and download a trading app.

The cost of using the app is $100 a yearly license fee. $20 for gas. That is a total of $120.00 to start using the trading bot. You will need an invitation code QBZ8L or click to create your account.

Click here to create your account.

Step 2 Create and fund your exchange account

IF you don’t’ have an account on binance or huobi create account. You will need to add funds to your account that will be used by the trading bot o place trades. Though the minimum for these platforms is $10.00 it is recommended that you start off with $100.00 USDT in your trading account.

Step 3 Connect your app to an Exchange -API binding.

Once you have followed the 1st and second step you then need to do what they call API binding. This is a process of connecting between  the App and the exchange you have chosen. Check this video below on how to do the process.

Step 4 Select your trading sync strategy.

Think of the sync strategy as a trading style that you prefer. There are a lot of strategies to choose from within the royal q app.. Below is a video on how to go about it.

Step 5 Relax and let the Royal Q robot trade on your behalf.

Monitor the activities in your account while discussing with others in social groups.

Step 6 Support and training

There is a lot of support social groups.Including presentations that take place on daily bases. It is best to plug in the training fr community support. The app also has support in case you have any questions.

Step 7 Educate and share

Start educating others and share Royal Q robot idea in order to earn commissions.

Is Royal Q a scam or not?

In my opinion, Royal Q robot is not a Scam. The use of using trading bots in trading in common in cryptocurrency trading and forex trading as well. Having been trying to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. It has been a tough process to follow all the currencies on the market. The Royal Q trading robot is a tool that can make decisions for me, I gave it a go.

How much is the best trading capital to start with on Royal Q?

The best to start with is a total of $220.00. To activate the royal Q robot $100.00 for gas fees $20.00 and in your trading account.$100.00. This is the best start, but if you can add more to your trading account the better.

Do I need to refer new members in order to earn money?

Just as I said earlier on there are two main ways to earn money. The first is trading currencies.the second is team building. In short, you don’t need to refer to earn you can just focus on trading cryptos.Just like other crypto traders would give it a go.



This is my royal Q review. If I missed anything and if you have any questions, please leave a comment below. Don’t forget to check out one of my online courses on how to start an online business here

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