Best affiliate programs to promote in Zimbabwe

In this article will cover some of the websites with the best commission payouts that you can start promoting as an affiliate marketer in Zimbabwe. What I will share in this article is not theory but affiliate products that I have personally promoted  that pays well in time when you reach your minimum payout. If you are a blogger, youtuber or someone who need to make money online then read this article to the end.

How to start your affiliate journey

One of the things you may do as an affiliate marketer is to make sure you have some online presence. This could be a website, youtube or on social media. Once you set this up you share valuable content to a specific niche.On this one I have a free training that can help you kick start your affiliate marketing journey have a look at this training course how to start an online business. With this course I promise you will become a successful affiliate. I prepared the course with affiliates like me in mind.

If you would like to promote my online hustle I own which offers domain and website hosting for businesses. If you set up your own website you will have one central place to place and manage your affiliate links and deploy other affiliate marketing strategies.

Let’s have a look at the 2 programs


1. Deriv


What is deriv? in an online forex trading broker that is used by forex traders to trade commodities, currency pairs stocks and so on. If you have been following the online trends you may have heard about online forex trading in Zimbabwe. I have been promoting deriv for a number of years now as an affiliate marketer.  If you don’t have an account on deriv then go ahead create one here  below is a detailed video that explains how deriv works.

Why promote deriv as an affiliate?

  •  Some of Deriv affiliate managers are Zimbabweans. This alone gives an added advantage to the Zimbabwean community, I am sure with the growth of Forex traders in Zimbabwe Deriv made a commitment to work with Zimbabweans staff.
  • Commission type: When you make sales through your affiliate referral link you choose how you would like to get paid. You either get paid in Bitcoin, Ecocash, Zipit, USD cash its your choice. Unlike other affiliate networks like commission junction that pays in Paypal. We all know that paypal does not work to receive payments in Zimbabwe at this stage.

How to register to become an affiliate with deriv?

You need to have an account with deriv create one here once you have successfully created an account you will then need to apply to be an affiliate click here. I have done a video that explains the process


2. Royal Q

With the buzz on the use of cryptocurrency and a number of people that want to make money from bitcoin and cryptocurrency. So many people are looking for ways to profit from this niche. This is why royal Q is a great solution for many and it provides affiliates to make money from.

What is Royal Q?

Royal Q is a trading robot that trades cryptocurrencies on autopilot. I have written a full review on how royal Q works here

Why promote royal Q

  • You earn a commission rate of $30 dollars for every person you refer to create, download and use the application. the commission is a recurring commission. However you have you have to also pay for your license in order to be an active affiliate for the application.
  • This has a higher conversion rate because of the large number of people who want to buy and sell cryptocurrencies for profits. With over 10000 coins on the market is difficult to follow up on the market movement for cryptos. The royal Q trading bot takes away the human decisions in making trades.

Just to say a few points there. There are many benefits

Can affiliates earn hundreds of thousands in Zimbabwe?

There are several ways to make money online in Zimbabwe in the year 2021.Since jobs are not enough, the best way to earn money is through pursuing online jobs. If you are aggressive enough, you will find numerous available opportunism and within a short time, you’ll be earning over $1,000 every month. (


Both companies i shared above are great way to earn affiliate money. I have been making money from the platforms.

There are many affiliate marketing programs that affiliates can promote in Zimbabwe to earn commissions. I may have missed some of the important information in my article. If you are an affiliate marketer in Zimbabwe kindly share your experience things like affiliate products  and affiliate program you are promoting this could help others on their affiliate marketing efforts.

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