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Having been on the internet for a while a lot of people ask “How does one make money online?” To be honest its almost difficult to answer that question. There are many ways to make money online, what matters is how are you making money online.  I have met a number of people who are doing online entrepreneurship. I have been inspired but their stories on how they cracked the internet code. being a Zimbabwean making money online is a dream for many yet a reality for a few people.  In this post, I will share with you a few Zimbabweans that I know who are actively involved in online activities. The video below explains their activities. I have also added links to their profile below the video…

  1. Yeukai Kajidori www.worldoutsourcingsolutions.com
  2. Doreen Kamwendo Check out my interview with Doreen CLICK HERE
  3. Tayla Chiyangwa www.contentforgrowth.com
  4. Tofara Chokera  AfricaQueenZimbabwe I also had a chance to interview Tofara CLICK HERE to listen to her Interview
  5. Kuda Dube www.digitalfingers.co.zw/
  6. Lutrish Gandawa Facebook
  7. KudaOnline www.creativetwentyone.com 
  8. Download the slides in this video here

DID I miss anything please leave a comment below

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