Are you ready to build your on-line business?

Are you ready to build your on-line business?

Now you know the myths around on-line businesses, you now know the ups and downs of the business and you feel you can pull this quest through. I have compiled the last pointers for following through to the setting up of your business.

It is often said that those that cannot change their minds cannot change anything. The same is true in the business sense. You may have started out reading this series with the closed up mind of a skeptic but as you have gone through the various facts about on-line business you realize this may be the break you have been looking for. I will help you through with that decision.

Goal setting in your business
Goal setting in your business








Set Goals

Set clear, achievable and measurable goals for your business. The objective of your business is to bring revenue, how will you do that and in how long a period. And how would you rate your success. A typical goal example would be; I want to increase my site traffic from 20-50 people per week by the end of August.

  • There is clarity of purpose – increase site traffic
  • Achievable – If you already have 20 as your statistics for traffic then fifty is a matter of perfecting what you already have, it is achievable.
  • Measurable – From 20 to 50, if you get 45 then you know you have not really achieved your goals.


Sounds cliché this point, but a great number of us believe that planning is thinking about what we want to do. In the business sense, planning is designed as follows; create a time based, realistic schedule. Break it down into daily goals. Each morning ask yourself “What can I do today to earn that amount, or increase that traffic, or increase knowledge?”


Stay focused and take MASSIVE action. Business success is all about those things that you do, do some more and continue doing. Take action that is based on your plan.


Continuously evaluate your results based on your set goals. You may want to do this daily for the daily goal, weekly or monthly. Depends on the scope of what you intend to achieve and the time-frames.

Adjust and Improve

After evaluations find out what has gone wrong, why it has gone wrong and find the best practices to continue with. Then start over.

Create a system

Always create a system. From the evaluation process, you should, with time, know the practices that best work with your business. Set these up into a traceable system which you then build on religiously.

 Focus on growth                             muscles-811479__180

Now you are set-up, you know what you should be doing and how you should be doing it, all you should now be pursuing is success. Focus on those aspects that would bring growth to your business. Outsource the systemized parts of your business and start the entire process to create new systems and see your business grow!

Now you are in it –remember…

It is okay to be scared

Push past your comfort zone

Perfection does not exist –do the best that you can and move on.

Be held accountable –get a mentor

Celebrate your success –at every turn! 






Follow the link for a more detailed guide on setting up your online business.

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