Authority Bloggers Continue To Make More Money

It is no secret that wealthy affiliate is one of my favorite site and it is all because they have a simple system that actually works. Wealthy Affiliate Academy comprises of a simple step by step guide that can turn anyone from being an amateur to being a first class amateur. If you are still thinking that affiliate marketing is no longer viable in 2018 then read all the reasons below as to why you should get started and start earning residual income. Best part is the Wealthy Affiliate Course has all the resources you need.

Affiliate Programs Are Searching For Affiliate Now More Than Ever

The commerce world has had a vast number of changes over the past years. It is no secrets that most ‘offline’ brands are suffering in this age to the point of closing business due to low sales in their business and hence no growth. Companies like Sears have shut down and all because they did not maximise on the opportunities the online retail space has to offer

On the other side you have online brands such as amazon, aliexpress etc thriving. This success is mainly because they maximised on affiliates and used that method to amplify their businesses. This trend is unfortunately going to continue in 2018 if retail brands do not maximise on their online marketing space.

To avoid shutting down, these brands should change their way of operating and in my opinion they will. They are soon moving into the online space and to bring awareness to their products guess what they will require? Well, Affiliates!

Authority Bloggers Continue To Make More Money

Bloggers and Affiliate Marketers who have owned their niche will continue to realise growth

And they will no doubt have the attention of very large brands in the online retail space. Affiliate Marketing Agencies and affiliate programs as well as networks are on the lookout for authority bloggers to help them market their brands.

Continue to build your brand in your niche and soon you will be signing up with big brands in your industry. The more your brand grows and as you become more authoritative in your niche area, the more commissions and incentives affiliate programs will offer you.


The most common mistake I have seen is that affiliates try to be masters of everything and in the process they never quite achieve anything significant. Focus on your niche area, grow your brand and authority. Help others in your niche to grow and soon you will sign up with big brands in your affiliate space.


More People Are Opting For The Online World


World population has been growing over the past decades and so has been the online community. Devices continue to evolve and hence the growth in the online world.


As an affiliate marketer I recall a period in time when people thought desktop computing would not last due to the excessive use of mobile gadgets. The changes have been drastic and those fears are now a thing of the past. Most people now possess at least 2-3 devices and most of them are accessible on the internet as they are constantly searching for information. This has also enabled them to spend more money on the internet than ever before.


For SEO and affiliate marketing this is a great period to be in business. Most offline resources such as libraries, offline retailers are becoming more and more obsolete and hence affiliate marketing is offering more opportunities now than ever before.

Wealthy Affiliate

I got started with wealthy affiliate years ago and it’s a decision I do not regret. I transformed from being an amateur to being th go to guy in my area of expertise  I went through their course with a goal in sight and i made sure I implemented  every instruction and the results have been phenomenal.


I recommend Wealthy Affiliate to all individuals in the affiliate marketing space from beginners to experts, there lessons are timeless and the community there is exactly what you need to help you boost your business and your brand. They have a step by step guide that will help you become a force of authority in your niche.



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