How to make money from other people’s products VIDEO

Have you ever imagined selling other people’s/company products and keep 100% profits? Well, this sounds like a bold claim but in this article, you will discover just how to do that. I love to write about what I personally not just some ideas. I got the idea when I was reading the ebook by Mark Anastassi called the laptop millionaire.

Though I teach this subject in depth inside our underground training program called Internet Pro Club, at the end of this article you will have an idea of what I am talking about. What I will share here has the possibility of replacing your day job.

In the book I mentioned above I got to learn about digital products. Why digitals products 1. Fast delivery, No country borders, No need to carry a lot of things. Examples are software, ebooks, videos, Audios, Articles, Websites, Plugins, Applications YES you have the idea of what digital products are right?

What Master Resell Rights?

According to Wikipedia In internet marketing, private label rights is a license where the author sells most or all his/her products … The license is used for various digital products such as articles, ebooks, … Private Label Content comes in many different formats.

Personally, I use these products to build a list, creating youtube videos, coming up with tutorials, creating membership websites and my profits come from affiliate offers that I would have embedded inside the products. Is that confusing? wait keep reading.

Imagine buying any of the products and getting access to these privileges below

You’re limited only by your own imagination, so this is NOT a comprehensive list, but some of the things you can do include: | Sell the product and keep 100% of the profits |  Put your name on the product as the author | Put your links in the product | Edit the product and turn it into something new | Sell Resale Rights, Master Resale Rights, or even Private Label Rights | Add the products to a membership | Create your own bundles, or sell them in one big bundle | Use them as bonuses for affiliate offers | Add them to your existing products | Give them away to build opt-in email lists | Publish and sell them offline, or in other formats | Translate and sell them in other languages | And so much more!.

Is it legal to sell other companies products?

Every product comes with a license and you should read what the license says. Rights come in diferent categories Personal Rights, Master Resell rights, Private Label, Give Away, Developers Rights and so on.

Where do I get the digital products to sell?

BIG PRODUCT STORE is the websites that I use to get Unlimited digital products from websites, Softwares, ebooks, audios and so on. The website is updated with new products every day. Just be creative as you use these products as there are many ways to make use of them. Take a look at the video below


How to sell PRL products online?

Most of the products come with ready to use files PSD, sales pages, Graphics all you need to do is to set up a domain, hosting  and add your payment methods and drive traffic to the sales pages. Just as the video explained how I use these products. This has helped me get great content for my different websites.


Leveraging other people products online is one the best way to earn a living through the internet. More on this topic is covered in our members’ area. For sure you have an idea of how it works. Should have any questions or something that I left out please comment in the section below



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