Cryptocurrency Profits Other Than Bitcoin

Are there fortunes in cryptocurrencies? Can one make money from Bitcoin, Monero, Ripple and so on. I first got to know about bitcoins a few years back, in a business venture I was doing with a friend from Zambia. Though it took me a few months to understand how bitcoins work. It was one of the best decision I ever made to learn how Bitcoins work. Since then I have taken a step further to earn bitcoins online and growing some of my streams of income from Bitcoin.

What is Bitcoin?

I remember getting started with Bitcoin the price was around $250 =1 BTC. As I write this post one bitcoin is above $4000.00 I have no doubt that the price will go up and up. Check the little video about what Bitcoin is and what it can do.

Cryptocurrency Profits Other Than Bitcoin

Though I have done a number of training series about bitcoins  I have developed the interest in other cryptocurrencies. I belong to a number of forums which discuss cryptocurrency news, markets, list, exchange , trading, alerts and so on.

This made look for a resource training about other cryptocurencies and how I can profit from them. The team Inside Internet Pro Club helped me create a membership training about other currencies. I bought a number of other currencies which are I will hold for the next few years. After launching this resources training the membership A number of people subscribed from many different Countries like Australia, South Africa, USA, Europe and so on.


How to Profit from Cryptocurrencies

There are many ways of profiting from cryptocurrencies, my number favourite is buying and holding wait for the price to go up then sale. Here are just a few ways  Crypto Trading (Which is what I do), Mining, Buying and selling ( I did an interview with AZARO who buys and sells bitcoins), Training courses and so much more.

How to get started with Cryptocurrencies

For me the business deal from my friend forced me to look into this venture. I think everyone should learn about these type of currencies The team has put together a resource where you can learn about this topic. The training resource is FREE only for a limited time. But when the free entry closes the investment is worth it. take a look at the video below what you will learn when you get access to this membership area. ACEESS HERE 


I have been getting a number of questions on social media about Bitcoins especially with people in Zimbabwe. Bitcoins in Zimbabwe is becoming more and more popular. Looking at the global scale it’s not only in Zimbabwe where it is trending. Almost every country is starting to learn about this type of currency. The future is certain that the paper money we see today will be a thing of the past.


Stay up to date with the crypto markets. Invest wisely, join forums that are related to this topic.



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