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In this article, I am going to share MLM Gateway review, an online platform where you can recruit leads for your MLM business. Is it really effective and is it worth your time? We look into this and more in this review.

If you are into network marketing then you will realize that one of the most difficult things to do is recruit people. Unfortunately for us, recruitment is the number-one success factor. If you can’t do it then you are basically doomed as far as becoming a network marketing success is concerned.

The bad reputation that network marketing has with people, in general, doesn’t do us any favors as well. Couple this with the fact that the training, offered by most MLM companies on recruitment is pretty generic and your situation has gone from bad to worse.

What is MLM?

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The MLM industry has created a lot of wealthy people over the years. The basic idea of it all is to cut out the middle man when taking a product to market.

Instead of having a situation where a product is manufactured, sold to a wholesaler, then retailer then the consumer, the product moves from the manufacturer, then you, the network marketer then the consumer.

The consumer gets a cheaper product and you make some money in the process. The power of network marketing though lies in the power of teamwork. As you recruit team members and they recruit as well, you earn from the efforts of all the people in your team.

Why Choose Network Marketing?

You are building an organization without the need for the hustle of setting one up from scratch. When Robert Kiyosaki, the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad was asked what he would do if he was to lose it all today, he said he would get into network marketing because of the potential it had and the relative ease with which you could build an amazing business.

So, my friend, take heart. You have chosen the right business. Today we are going to review a product that will help you build your team steadily over time and help you realize your MLM dreams.

What is MLM Gateway?

MLM Gateway is a hub where you can find people who are actively looking for a business opportunity. This in itself is powerful enough to make you want to join this business opportunity. I’m sure you’ve had the experience of trying to promote MLM opportunities to family and friends.

The typical “It’s a pyramid scheme” response most people give totally ignores that they are actively involved in pyramid schemes called the companies that they work for. They only need to look at the organogram to prove that fact, but I digress.

It’s infinitely easier to sell to someone who is already interested and this is what MLM Gateway is. It is a community of people who are gathered in one place and are actually willing to join an MLM opportunity. How powerful is that?

How Does MLM Gateway Work?

MLM Gateway works by linking real people from all over the world who want to join an MLM program or recruit for theirs. Think of it as a social media platform centered around networking with other multi-level marketers and getting leads.

You set up a free account that gives you basic functionality and has the option to upgrade to premium which really opens things up for you in a big way. We will get to that later.

First, let’s look at what you get when you sign up for the free account. When you sign up, you will be able to see other members on the MLM Gateway platform, where they are from and which particular type of MLM business they are interested in.

You can reach out to them to pitch your business or ask to join theirs. The idea is that people network around similar interests. You also get a link that you can use to recruit other MLM Gateway members. When you recruit on the free account, you are given 10 credits and 15 credits on the premium account.

On the free account, you are limited in the number of people you can reach out to in a month. The credit system determines how many people you can reach out to and which other marketing platforms you can take advantage of on MLM Gateway.

Features of the premium account include:

  • 50 Free Monthly Credits
  • Professional Page Listing
  • Premium Member Badge
  • Stats on Your Profile Views and many more advantages.

On MLM Gateway, you can specifically target prospects in certain countries or particular industries within the MLM niche.

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Things to Watch Out for on the MLM Gateway Platform

When you sign up for a new account and enter your dashboard, you will see that it shows all the new members that are joining the platform. When you create your account, you will also appear in other people’s dashboards.

What will then happen is that you will get messages from people wanting to join your program. What you will discover though is that most of these people want you to join theirs and you can easily use up your free credits with these kinds of people.

This goes down though with time. To get a better feel of what MLM Gateway is all about, sign up for a no risk-free account and test out this amazing tool for yourself.

The free account is a good way to start off and test this tool out but I encourage you to upgrade to a premium account if you are serious about building up your MLM business and getting the success you deserve.

This is a first in the industry and after I joined, I understood the inspiration which the creators of this platform had when they created it.

You get 5 free credits when you do and start building your MLM business today. Sign up here.



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