How to make money on Deriv Dp2p In Zimbabwe

Simple steps to follow to spin money on the deriv dp2p platform and make profits without placing trades. Deriv is an online forex trading brok

**Here is a simple process of making money from Deriv Dp2p.**

I will explain the process of spinning money on Deriv all day long.

If you missed my video on what is Deriv Dp2p see this video

If you don’t have a Deriv account create one here

**Step 1:** Buy Deriv with USD for example $20.00 USD in most cases you get it at 1 as to 1. Or buy AirUSD at 1 as to 1 ( have no idea what airusd is? See this video

If you don’t have Airusd account create one here

You then use Airusd to get Deriv balance

**Step 2.** Create a sell order on Deriv. In my case the image below, I am selling Deriv at the rate 130 per each dollar. And you can see that I am the online one selling on Deriv (this means there is high demand and low supply) Most of my sell orders don’t last more than 10 minutes my balance will be sold.

**Step 3.** Once you sell-buy USD at a rate between 90 and 100. This will leave you with 30% to 40% on each transaction.


**Step 4.** Rinse and repeat.

Does this make sense?

Yours #kudaonline

Other ways fr making money on deriv

I have done an article on how to become an affiliate for deriv read it here 

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