How to use paypal zimbabwe

I have decided to break down how i use paypal service. As anPayPal-logo-1 internet marketer I get asked with my fellow sisters and brothers how paypal works. I will try and cover all the Information as much as possible.

So to start with i will answer some of the basic questions

What is paypal?

PayPal .is an American company operating a worldwide online payments system. Online money transfers serve as electronic alternatives to traditional paper methods like checks and money orders.

Paypal is a trusted leader in online payments, enables buyers and businesses to send and receive money online. PayPal has over 100 million member accounts in 190 countries and regions. It’s accepted by merchants everywhere, both on and off eBay.

How is works in simple terms

Create a free paypal account ( Business account or Personal account I use a personal account) then you connect to your bank account in this case in Zimbabwe it has to be a visa card or master. The cash balance on your bank card is the balance on your paypal. though sometime you may log in your paypal account and see $0.00. When making a purchase online Merchants will ask you to make payment via paypal account , once you click the paypal button you will be prompted to log in your paypal account. Fill in the paypal log in details and complete the process. The goods your purchased will be delivered to you.

How do I connect my bank to paypal in ZImbabwe?

Please contact you bank as some banks in ZImbabwe don’t have that facility. Personally I use FBC bank (contact the bank and ask about a PREPAID MASTER CARD)  Here is my experience with FBC bank and I love their service

1. Support 24/7 (Quick response) via whatsapp , Skype , email. I even get support when I am out of the country

2. The master card is easy to connect with paypal they have instructions on how to do that.

3.An online portal where you can check your balances and other things. visit

4. Each time they see suspicious activities in my account they contact me to check if i am aware of the transactions

I could go on and on about FBC Bank but for now  lets move on

Is it safe to use Paypal ?

PayPal helps protect your credit card information with industry-leading security and fraud prevention systems. When you use PayPal, your financial information is never shared with the merchant.

Payments with Paypal

At the time I am writing this article you can only make payments for the goods you want, but you cant receive payments or money into your Zimabwean paypal account.I once contacted paypal about this they said “The service will be available in Zimabwe but they don’t know when?”

As an internet marketer I have to receive money one way or the other so I asked one of my close friends to use his paypal to receive my payments and they send the money to me with other means. Sometimes I ask my friend to use  Ecocash Diaspora to send money to me.

Comment below if you have any questions

87 thoughts on “How to use paypal zimbabwe”

  1. Hi Kuda

    I had money paid from Malaysia to my Paypal account. I then tried to load my debit card at my bank, but it is not accepting it. Apparently I have to have a credit card. Now i don’t know to access the funds. The bank says there is no problem on their side, but Paypal is not accepting my card details.

      1. Hello Kuda can I have your contact number I want to ask more about this there’s an aspect I want to understand

  2. Hi Kuda. I help ppl who want goods from SA but can’t come here bcz of work etc. So i buy n send the goods to them. Someone is trying to pay me via PayPal but an error msg keeps appearing. It says something like the recipient can’t receive money from you. What cld be the problem? They use Fbc prepaid mastercard

    1. You need to contact paypal. is your paypal registered in south Africa? If it is registered in South Africa then you should be able to receive money and If its registered in Zimbabwe then you can receive money on a Zimbabwean Paypal. Have you ever looked at the Bitcoin technology Its cheaper and easy to use bitcoins just google bitcoins on google you will see how they work

          1. Hie Kuda, I use first capital but they don’t use PayPal does it mean I should open another account with a different bank

          1. You can not receive money using paypal in zimbabwe. You can check with paypal to see when they will open up. YOu can not receive using Ecocash master card

  3. Kuda i just did a Paypal transfer 5mins ago to my brother in Bulawayo. I am currently in Papua New Guinea, please tell me how he will receive it.Does he need to have a PayPal account to receive the cash in Bulawayo?
    Thanks Dude.

  4. Hello Kuda,
    I am out of Zim in uk and in desperate need of some cash from my Barclays account in Harare.
    I have lost my visa debit card and they do not allow transfers online.
    Can I set up a PayPal Zim acct without the visa card? What’s the fastest way to get some survival cash to me?
    My email address is
    Thanks for any advice.

      1. Thank you for reply Kuda.
        When I go to Zim I will get a replacement card and hope to arrange the PayPal acct.
        I will be looking into continue with my Herbal tea business now stagnant as I am not in Zim but with a view to exporting and receiving payments by PayPal. Is that possible?
        I could not survive dealing with the local market only as many shops closed down without paying me.
        I do have a demand for my product, Milu Tea.

  5. Hi KUDA need to buy a machine in indian does it mean after um satisfied and then l confirm thats when you guys release the money to the indian guy or want help

  6. Tinashe Mupfurutsa

    I’m a blogger and my wants to pay me for their adverts they are running on my blog and they are saying they only pay clients with PayPal
    So I best can get paid in zimbabwe
    Or does it work in South Africa?

      1. Type here..hie bro…I’m getting problems with the confirmation code to getting my usabox..give me some help I am interested in this

  7. Hie l joined paypal when l was South Africa so l used south africa details, now I am in zim l want to fund my PayPal account using ecocash debit card it’s denying. What could be the problem? Thank you

  8. Hi kuda
    I have made a pay pal payment from my zim account to my UK bank account it currently says pending. Do you know how long it takes for the money to reflect

  9. Hi Kuda,
    My credit card (Zambian) has expired on my paypal account I openned whiIst living in South Africa. I have money in my account and paypal have asked me to submit a new card. Now I am currently in Zimbabwe, what would be the easiest card to get here been reading about FBC (debit card?) and Ecocash (virtual card?) (Note: I am a Zambian citizen) in Zimbabwe? so I can clear this anomaly on my account.


    1. Hi Doogsy in Zimbabwe yes you can connect a new card to send funds or make payment via paypal . what I know is if you connect your Zimbabwe you wont be able to move your money from paypal to your bank . I think what you should do is ,coonect your zambian account or card so that you can easily move your money from paypal to your card …

  10. hie kuda lm trying to open paypal account using ecocash Mastercard but l have activated cvn but l dont have any massage from econet. what is csc number

  11. l have something to ask you about affiliate marketing , this is my number 0775318330 @whatsapp lm want to start this job but I don’t have all the knowledge, please help me
    kindly requested

  12. you are doing a good job…i thank you so much… pliz also assist on how best can we send money outside the country since econet virtual card is now $50 a month… as entrepreneurs we are facing challenges … thank you

    1. Hi Shona Elvis, I am sure this came as a surprise to many people. you can open a bank account that issues master cards or visa. You will have many options. You can also check out the training about cryptocurrency which is the future of money. Not many people know about this visit
      To learn about bitcoins

  13. hi kuda if someone in southafrica has a paypal account can i use his or her paypal account to receive my amazon affiliation payment.

  14. Hie. If I have a South African PayPal account and connect it to a Zimbabwean credit card will I still be able to receive money and move it around

    1. Hi this something that has to be confirmed by paypal. Its something that I have not tried. You can contact paypal for this. Their support will be able to assist

  15. If i have a zimbabwean paypal account and someone send me money is there any way that my paypal account can receive it even though banks won’t receive it?

    1. Hi How are you. There is no way to receive it. you may also check with paypal support with latest updates. With the way Zimbabwean banking system is going I don’t see us using paypal freely any time soon

    1. Hello kuda whats the best i can do to receive money via PayPal in Zimbabwe i know i cant receive but is they alternative way for me to receive money

  16. Type here..Hi Kuda. Please assist me on getting a bitcoin wallet and buying bifcoin in Zim. Thanks

  17. Roselyn Muchaneta Mushonga

    Thanks for all this. I hv just opened my PayPal account and linked my fbc account. Excited wanna try n make transactions n see how it goes

  18. Hi , Kuda .
    So using Ecocash Debit card won’t I be able to receive and use the money from PayPal and use In zimbabwe?

  19. Hi Kuda
    I have a paypal UK account but live in Zimbabwe and I opened it using a friends address and phone number there. But now they are saying I have reached my limit to transfer until I verify by adding a card. Which would be the best card to add from here and also could I link a transferwise account. I get paid for internet work into my paypal.

    1. Hi, you need to communicate with your friend and he will assist on with this on. PayPal has many restrictions and now and then you will need to keep doing their verification process. Also for no verified accounts, I think you can only transfer up to 250 per month. You can check on their website as well

    1. Hi how are you I used to use skrill to fund IQ options but since skrill is longer taking new registration in Zimbabwe I stopped using IQ options and I now use deriv the good thing about it you can use ecocash or zip it for withdrawals

      1. Hie kuda how are you.l have a steward bank visa card but its bieng rejected when l want to link it nepaypal account.what do l do.

  20. Wow thanks Kuda for lovely reply now ndine two questions
    1. Is it possible to link payoneer to PayPal if yes how do I link it
    2. If I ddnt do the PayPal verification when I receive money on PayPal how do I get it in Zimbabwe

  21. Hi kuda is it possible for me to withdraw funds from my crypto wallet to PayPal , and is it also possible to transfer that money to my zim visa card

  22. Hi kuda ,is it possible to receive money in my PayPal account before I linked with my visa card. What are the requirements I supposed to give the sender

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