jobrize fake or true?

2015-10-24_0419JOBRIZE pays $5 for every referral?. A friend of mine send me a link one day to sign up on Well before I sign up for anything I first do some investigations. So is Jobrize true or not , fake or scam?  Continue reading to find out what I got when I was doing my investigations


Website URL:

Owner: Unknown

Advertised Price: Free to Sign Up

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Verdict: Scam!


jobrize payment

According to the home page Jobrize Inc is a large-scale marketing and referral company in the United States of America. It was founded in 2010 and paying its members for doing tasks and activities which are given to them. Join the website and perform your task to get earn. There is no any fee, no any membership fee and no any paid thing. All is free… The main thing is your passion to the completion of task and promote to the friends.Then you can earn every month from Jobrize up to 500$ daily

When I saw that the the only thing I needed to do was to share my link after signing up and get $5.00 for every referral that sounded like a good deal, because as an internet marketer I knew I could get tons of referrals/visitors/clicks in the next hour. After doing my investigations I did even bother to join




  1. NO SOCIAL PROOF              2015-10-24_0442 I did a research on social media(facebook) to see if they have a social proof. The company does not have an official facebook page or group. The only page I could find was the one that has just below 3000likes (at the time of my search). No one on that page commented a positive review, Click Here to look at the facebook pageJobrize_payment_proof


  2. The owner of this website is unknown according to the website jobrize was founded in 2015 but when I checked when this website was registered website showed that it was registered somewhere around 2013 I guess.jobrize_owner
  3. NO COMMUNITY jobrize_membersThe website claims to have over a million active members which can be true because most people tend to fall for such ponzi schemes. I have been part of great programs with a community where everyone one can see jobrize payment proof or jobrize testimonials. If jobrize is true there should be a support group where members share ideas and tips, again this proves to be a scam.


One may ask why is this program free. Well this is what I think who ever is behind the site is collecting database of people who are making impressions or showing interest to making money online. Chances are that the data base collected can be sold or they can market some online opportunities via email


5. MY TAKE | JOBRIZE IS A SCAMjobrize I could go on and on but with that being said this company
according to my investigations it is a SCAM.



5. CONCLUSION | I recommend two things

There are so many ways to make money online the problem is that most people don’t want to learn the necessary skills to run an successful online business. There is no magic to making money online you need to learn the skills first, build a website , build a strong foundation and built on it.

My number one recommendation if you want to learn how to build a successful online business click here to read an article about it.

My second recommendation CLICK HERE if you want to make real money online this company has enabled me and other thousands of people to earn real money.

Comment below if you have opinions or questions I will happy to assist with what ever I can


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