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2015-10-02_0106My Paying Ads Questions Answered

Questions about My Paying Ads answered, My honest opinion about most of the asked questions about the company that launched in March 30th 2015. Indeed this company is taking the internet by storm. That is why you need to read this post to end as I answer most questions.

My Paying Ads how it works

Firstly let me share the type of business it is. My paying ads is a traffic exchange and a revenue sharing website.

A traffic exchange is a simple system (website) where people can join as either a free member or a paid member. When you join you can advertise your business/offer to the website visitors but mostly to the list of members that are joined to the traffic exchange website. By joining a traffic exchange you are agreeing to surf adverts from other traffic exchange members from revenue generated. Members of a traffic exchange website buy advertising credits to advertise their websites, part of their payment goes to the company admin and the rest is divided to the active members of the website.

Revenue Sharing refers to the distribution of profits and losses between stakeholders, who could be general partners (and limited partners in a limited partnership), a company’s employees, or between companies in a business alliance.

My Paying Ads is an online advertising site that sell advertising services. Thekudaonline primary product / service is Business Listing (advertising packs) and our other products / services are Banner ads, Text ads, Login ads etc. see photo that is an example for some of the ads inside the website. You may use these to advertise you Business/Programs to all members and visitors of our site. You may download  a more detailed 16 paged ebook I did that goes deep into how my paying ads works


My Paying Ads ponzi / scam?

YES it is legal. In order for any program to be legal, it is required to supply a service and/or product to you, the member! All members that purchase ad packs will get Business listing credits (20 credits for $1 value of ad pack purchase).


My Paying Ads Alexa Rank

Since the Launch Of my paying ads in march 2015 it has been raking better on alexa


My Paying Ads FacebookUday_nara,_My_paying_ads_

My Paying Ads Facebook is very active members post their updates and success. The company owner Uday Nara is very active on the group giving updates and support to the members. I am privileged to also chat with Uday on facebook

My Paying Ads login

Members login on the website home page

My paying ads owner

Dr. Nalam Satyanarayana (Uday Nara) is a PhD holder in Mechanical Engineering and hails and resides in Singapore. Apart from being a dedicated professional in engineering, he is also known as a trusted and experienced online marketer.

My Paying Ads proof

Payment proof is available on the company website on the top menu bar that say recent payouts. Below is a snap shot from my account My_paying_ads_proof

My Paying Ads faq

This again is available on the company website please visit the website on the FAQ tab

My Paying Ads strategy

As an internet marketer, most people who become part of my paying ads wants to make the most out it. Sponsoring/recruiting & referring other members is 100% optional  because you can make money with the system without referring a single person.

There is the 10% referral commissions you get for life when you share the idea with others. I have seen most people trying to come up with strategies to market my paying ads. In a short space of time i manage to bring close to 30 people in less than 30days.

There is no magic to making money online you need to learn the skills. No one is good nor bad at internet marketing its either you are trained or not.

In my opinion the best strategy is to learn internet marketing. Here are some or the skills you need to have  >Blogging | SEO | Email Marketing | Creating Websites | Writing Articles | Social Media marketing | Affiliate marketing Video Marketing and so much more

My Paying Ads youtube

The company does not have a you tube  channel members us the youtube as a marketing tool. Below is a little video

The bad

1. People who become part of my paying ads have some few thing they oversee. I am from Africa where we pay for internet services which  has made some of people i know spend more than they are earning from my paying ads.

2. Takes time to build a good income from my paying ads. you may want to put in month and reuse your money back to my paying ads for about three months.

3. Exposure to online schemes as I am making this post my paying ads members are more than 45k. Which means all the members have something to advertise. For you to earn money on my paying ads you need to a least vist ten adverts every 24hrs. think about this 10 times 30days thats 300 ads per month which makes one vulnerable to other schemes online making them want to jump from opportunity to another .

4 Risk, Revenue sharing means you are profits. The nature in the business the commissions are up and down. At times my account earns 5% per day at times 2% per day. I have seen many people coming in with the hopes that it stays at 5% earnings per day.

5. My paying ads in NOT educative. a year from now you can be still clicking ads and making money. I almost don’t recommend such programs but with the trust I have in the company owner Uday Nara he knows what he does. I have been part of programs that are highly educative.

If you want to build a rock solid business online and want to learn CLICK HERE to read about MY NUMBER ONE RECOMMENDATION


My paying ads is changing peoples lives, If you want to started earning money online in the next hour or two CLICK HERE GET STARTED with my paying ads, Create a free account download MY e-book to guide you on how to get started.


Please leave a comment or question about My Paying Ads I will happy to give you my honest answer


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