I want to work online & get paid, how do l go about it

Back in 2012 when I was starting online entrepreneurship. I had dreams to make huge amounts online. I remember realizing it was not as easy as I thought. Finally, I cracked the code and managed to establish a number of income sources from the internet.

How to make money online in Zimbabwe

There are a number of ways to make money online. I mean a lot of ways. If you want to get paid online the first area you need to look at is what you are good at, what do you know, what do you do on daily basis. That can get you paid. Work online can be done using different methods I cannot safely point out to a path you can take because the way to do work online is just way too many. This ebook here can give you a good start click here to download 100 online business ideas A few months ago I did an interview with a couple doing work online you can check out the interview right HERE

SEE this video below explains some of the benefits of doing work online and what you need to do to get started

FINALLY – getting started with doing work online

I recommend you become part of a group with people whom you share the same vision with, check out internet pro club a training program that I created with people that are starting out in mind. This will help you to move faster. to visit internet pro club website and see what it offers  click here


If I left out anything please leave a comment below I will be more than happy to assist

6 thoughts on “I want to work online & get paid, how do l go about it”

        1. Hi Peter.

          In order to earn online, you need to learn how to making money online works. There are many ways to earn online. I am not even sure where to start from.
          but I think I have something that can help you. Please download this ebook it will give you ideas on some of the methods that people use to make money online.
          Get the ebook here 100 online business ideas

          I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any questions

  1. ok kuda i’ve been reading your blogs im looking on how can i start but i haven’t till now as in what should i do now to start earning .

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