Want to make some money with affiliate marketing, what do i do?

Affiliate marketing is one of the methods that bring most of my income from the internet, I live in Zimbabwe, Harare. Just when I got started I used to think that this only works for people in the first work countries. Until I went through a number of training the only to realize that in order to make money from affiliate marketing all that is needed is the internet connection, the right mindset, and great training.

I went through a number of training on affiliate marketing. Though some of the training were highly priced I made sure I go through everything that I paid money for. Fast forward years I have been successful in most of the products or services that I promote online and this happened while in Zimbabwe, Harare. to answer the question is affiliate marketing works in Zimbabwe.



in fact it works if you have the internet connection and from anywhere in the world al you need to do is to have the right thinking patterns and must have training as an affiliate marketer.

the video below explains how to be a supper affiliate

The challenge for most if lask of education and knowledge

I live in Africa know what is it like to pay $997 for training. $997 is like 3 months salary for someone in Africa. Well, then most of the courses online are priced in a way that most in Africa cannot afford I went on to create a training course to help you kick-start your journey as an affiliate marketer so as to help fellow africans. I have been there, I have done it.

see this training resource  CLICK HERE 


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