Is Atlantic Global Asset Management & Questra World a Scam?

Getting paid weekly without doing any work online, is it really posible with Atlantic Global Asset Management? There has been a buzz about this compnay and a lot of stories about this company. I have taken some time to look at it and even met some of theAtlantic Global Asset Management South African leaders. I will share with you my honest  Questra World Review.If you want to know more about my experiance with Questra Holdings then contunue reading.

How I got to know about Questra Holdings

I was invited to south africa on a all paid trip to look at questra hildings. I spend a number of days in south africa talking to the leaders. ne of them is Themba Mkwani. Take a look at the interview as he answers someof the questions you may have about Atlantic global asset management.


How does Atlantic Global Asset Management Equity Investment fund work?

I will not cover much much here as I want to share my personal experiance. In short attlantic gloabl assert management  pays its investors a weekly return between 4%-7% weekly for 52 weeks. Take a look at the image below. I know of a website that covers this topic in detialplease click here 

Atlantic Global Asset Management Presentation

There is a number of presentations about this company out there the best That I have seen is the one below . You can as well download the Atlantic global asset management PDF HERE



I was a bit skeptical at the beginning about this company. I invested money for about 3 months just to test the waters.I used Bitcoin to fund my account,at the time I am writing this post they have introduced a number of payment methods like etherium, dash, litecoin   . Just to mention what most people use other than currencies you can also use a bank transfer.

Atlantic Global Asset Management Facebook

For my team I have created a facebook group for updates and team building purposes . CLICK here to join the group.

Is Atlantic Global Asset Management & Questra World a Scam?

This can be debated and the debate will never end. In my opinion . ITS NOT A scam. On the basses that the company hold live events across the world, Meeting the CEO is easy as going to one of the live events. Events take place in many countries like India, Turkey, Dubai, France Germany , South Africa Just to mention a few.


Each time I do a withdrawal I get paid in Bitcoins within 3-7 days.

What is the relation between Atlantic Global asset management and Questra?

AGAM (atlantic global asset management is the investment fund where investors can view and mange thier investment. Questra is the advertising broker for AGAM CLICK HERE TO read more bout the relationship between the two.

Passive income webinar- Questra Holdings



As with an investment come with an element of risk. First of all have goals on you invest and why you should invest. Atlantic global asset management has made it possible for entrepreneurs just like you to get paid every Friday . Invest Wisely


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5 thoughts on “Is Atlantic Global Asset Management & Questra World a Scam?”

  1. So this is what happened.. I bought bitcoin but when transfering to AGAM account we didn’t prioritise it.. What happened is that same week it was when AGAM stopped its services which means our money never got to AGAM account… And they have been saying there will be public statements on what’s going on between them and the Asian company but we have heard nothing about the trade and there is no any kind of information to us investors. We tried to contact the customer care even before they stopped providing services yet kept saying we are working on it until AGAM perished to date with no info… Was/is AGAM a scam? Or what’s really going on with it?

    1. Hi Wendy. I have the same info as you at the moment . I am just waiting for the updates as well. I belong a whatsapp group which I think will get some news from there. If there is any change I will share here . Thanks

  2. Film-investigation: see how owners of financial pyramids Questra World and AGAM and their relatives continue to steal their depositors today. More than $200 million have been stolen. How many years of prison will the fraudsters-owners of the pyramids, Alexander Prochukhan and Cheslav Pestyuk, get?

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