Seo Traffic Strategy

What led me to work on Seo Internet Traffic

I have been working on writing articles, doing videos and so on. It turned out that if you don’t add Seo Strategies To Increase Traffic to your campaigns you may be losing a lot of internet traffic. Today I went through one of the strategies that helped me to work on my articles and videos that I have already produced.

Seo Meaning

This is a technic used to gain visitors to your website. according to Kyle from wealthy affiliate, He covers in-depth about how to get your website ready for SEO and the meaning of SEO traffic. There you will learn the basics of SEO. Let’s get back to what I have learned today.

Seo technique that increases traffic

I have been writing articles and producing content since 2014. I can safely say my knowledge has increased from the time that I started I find my self wanting to produce more and more content, But today when I went through this training about using the already existing content and the keywords you are ranking for to get more traffic. John j Stanley Covers how to use google search console to work on your old articles to have them rank again. Check out the training by John below

How This Easy SEO Tactic Can Help You Boost Your Traffic

Lessons from the training would result in web traffic increase

Yes, the training is a 5-minute training and it has helped me realize some of the traffic that I was losing. I will be using this SEO technique moving forward n my online businesses


I am still going through some SEO lessons but I have found this to be helpful. If you have any experience about SEO and website traffic I would like to hear your feedback please leave a comment below

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