Skrill alternatives that Zimbabweans can use

Skrill made a business decision and Zimbabweans can no longer create new accounts on Skrill website. Here are some alternatives that can be used.

Why does skrill no longer accept Zimbabweans to create new accounts?

In one of our whatsapp group chat a few members started sharing that Zimbabwe is no longer on the list to create new accounts on skrill. I wanted to get first hand information I decided to reach out to skrill support. I asked the support team two questions. 1. Is it true that Zimbabweans can longer create accounts on Skrill? 2. Why did skrill make this decision?

below is a screen shoot of thier response

Who uses Skrill in Zimbabwe?

I have been using skrill for a number of years. Whenever I get time I write about it. One of my blog posts (you can read it here) Started to get a lot of attention. many people would land on it looking to learn about skrill after they did a google search. Have a look at the video below to learn more about what is skrill used for in Zimbabwe.

Bitcoin is skrill alternative number 1

Many people have limited knowledge of how bitcoin works. One of the transactions I had with someone I helped acquire skrill in Zimbabwe. He indicated that bitcoin is hard to use than skrill Bla bla bla. One thing I could tell was that his knowledge with regards to bitcoin is little. Bitcoin has many advantages that include freedom of payment, the account cannot be frozen and so on. I have also used bitcoin to deposit money to online forex brokers like Binary and hotforex in Zimbabwe. You can learn more about bitcoin in one of my courses. Bitcoin for beginners click here to access the course

Airtm in skrill alternative number 2

People in Zimbabwe are more used to peer transactions. The reason being most online banking facilities don’t function easily in some cases. Have transacted many transactions in bitcoin and skrill. People in Zimbabwe prefer to meet in person for transactions. Currently, there is a short supply of bitcoin, skrill in Zimbabwe. Thi sis where airtm comes in play.

Airtm is a peer to peer exchange platform where peers are connected through the website to make transactions. As I mentioned earlier on that people prefer to meet it’s because of the trust issues.¬† In this case, airtm is an online portal that will be your middleman. It connects you with someone who is selling skrill and want eco cash or vice versa. I have used Airtm website a number of times see this article it has a video of one of my transactions¬†

The Zimbabwe community on airtm is still growing but it’s a cool website to check out and learn more about what they offer.




I foresee many Zimbabweans opting for online opportunities due to the economic crisis. Forex trading is just one of the many ways to make money online. My online hustle started somewhere around 2013. I have found my place in Affiliate marketing that is my main way of income online. With Regards to skrill alternatives Do you have any other ways that you know people can use? Especially those that are doing forex trading in Zimbabwe? Please share your thoughts below.

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    1. Hi yes you can do that but skrill has many restrictions make sure you know the person in case they need verification. they will need some id and proof of residence

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