Where to buy .co.zw domain registration in Zimbabwe

One of the questions that came to my email one day was about how to and where to buy a .co.zwdomian name in Zimbabwe.

Answer: You may check the video on this article as well. There are several sites or companies you can purchase from myself I buy Zimbabwe domains that is (.co.zw) domains from webnames.co.zw .I have tried to buy a South African domain from webnames but I didn’t like the experience and the delays which made me stick to buying only Zimbabwean domains from them because they are a bit faster on Zimbabwean domains.

For other domains like the .com .net and other extensions use ipage which has great support 24/7 available to assist. You may also want to check out an article that explains domain and hosting so that you understand the difference between the two.

PLAY VIDEO BELOW – Buying domains in Zimbabwe

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