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Buying online using ecocash is easy than you can ever imagine but it can be as confusing at the same time. In this post I will walk you through the process. I will try to use images as much as possible. I have been using ecoash Zimbabwe  to buy online for years now. a number of people buy different goods online. Paypal can also be used with what I will explain below. Buying bitcoins works as well. Anything you can think of, though there may be limitations on how much you can spend the limit changes time and again you may need to contact econet for the current limit.

With that out of the way let get to the steps of buying inline using ecocash.

WHAT MANY PEOPLE THINK – You can buy online using a ecocash debit card 

The answer in NO. Ecocash debit card  is used to withdraw money on an ATM or swipe in shops, restaurant and so on. This is commonly used by Zimbabweans who travel out of Zimbabwe. I used to think the same too until tried it and it failed. maybe you did too. Unless if you have a steward bank master it works well without applying for the virtual card number.

Buying online using ecocash

One needs to apply for a virtual card number ( VCN) from their econet mobile number. A virtual number is a 14 day temporal card number that you get as an SMS to your phone from Econet that you use to purchase online. In my opinion this a convenient and secure too.  here is how you get the number

How to get the virtual card number 

  1. Dial *151# enter PIN
  2. Select “Wallet Services”
  3. Select “EcoCash Debit Card”
  4. Select “EcoCash MasterCard Virtual”
  5. Get Virtual Card (VCN)
  6. Then, You will receive an SMS with the details of your VCN
  7. SEE image below for the sample

Note that each time you request a VCN number you are charged a small fee. I think its less than $2.00 by the service provider econet. Once you receive an SMS with CVV number  (3 digit code) , expiry date which is month & year and  VCN number you are good to go.


Simply enter the details you received as an SMS.

After pressing the pay now or buy now button the transactions is instant. Depending on what you are buying in my case I usually buy downloadable products like software, ebooks  and so on. The moment when the money is deducted I receive my order in my email. At 2 occasions I was not happy with my purchase I asked for a refund from the service provider I received my money back on my ecocash.

Like I said at the beginning it is very easy.

Did I leave something in my post?

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17 thoughts on “how to buy online using ecocash – zimbabwe”

  1. Very good post Kuda, please can you indicate the charges in percentage or US$ amount for making a payment for say an order of value US$ 400.
    Also an idea of time that is the timing between when you send payment (press pay button) and your exporter receiving the actual payment say Ali Express, China for instance.

    1. Hi Doogy,

      Thanks for the tip. I will add in the post . let me as well answer the question here. I have not been able to take a close look at the charges really they are convenient and not that high. infact close to nothing. As for the time frame after you press the pay now or buy now button its instant as you will be able to see all the transactions on your mobile via SMS.

  2. Niccccee.. But Kuda I still wanna know how to receive money through Paypal with my Ecocash MasterCard (VCN) linked to it… Does it work?

    1. Hi Leon,

      I have not been able to receive money in my paypal that I created with Zimbabwe address. The last time I contacted paypal they said Zimbabwe is not yet receiving money on paypal. You can only make payments with paypal from you ecocash VCN. you can also go through the other post I did on how I receive money via paypal in zimbabwe CLICK HERE

  3. Hi Kuda, I have a PayPal account that I created when I was in SA, is it possible that I can load US Dollars in it locally have never used it in over 4 years am sure, otherwise must I open a new one, if I do, how do I load funds into it – I do not have a (mainstream) bank account I only have a Steward bank ‘Account’ – alternatively what is the available online payment method considering the suspension of the Ecocash Virtual Card that I have been using all along. I need to pay small amounts, Domain Name registration as I am a web developer.

    1. Hi I also use Steawrd bank to load money to paypal . you need to check with steward bank so that they give you a master card which you can connect to pay pal. I am sure you can still countinue using that one

  4. hie Kuda.
    I know its been a long time since you have post this. with our current economic situation is it still possible to buy online using eco cash.

    1. Hi, how are you thanks for getting in touch. Yes, this article is one of my old posts.

      You can buy bitcoin in Zimbabwe form people that you know. There is a lot of people selling bitcoin right now.

      as I am replying to this post there is a website that was launched that sells bitcoin a few weeks ago.

      The like above will take you to the website.

      If you are completely new to bitcoin I recommend you also check one of my training courses.

      Be careful there are there are bitcoin scammers out there. Make sure you are buying from people you like and trust

    2. Opps look I answered the wrong post earlier on. This is no longer possible eco-cash no longer allows payments with eco-cash when making payments online. WHat most banks do nowadays is that you preload your bank account with USD and you can purchase anything online. Personal I use FBC prepaid master card to purchase goods online. Hope this helps

    1. Hi Latrell eco-cash has done changes over the past few years I hope they will bring this service again, But what you can do is to prefund your account with USD and make a purchase online this differs from bank to bank. But Personally I use FBC bank, they have the prepaid card which works. Have been using that card for a number of years now

  5. Hie Kuda is this ecocash vcn bla bla bla still working like now coz I did it but when I tried to link with my PayPal account it failed. But the expiry date I was given was the month in which I requested the virtual ?. 02/20 is my expiry date and I requested on 08/02/20.

  6. Hey kuda so can I use the Ecocash virtual card details to receive money straight into my Ecocash Fca account for example using it to withdraw money from my forex trading account into my Ecocash Fca account using the virtual MasterCard details.

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