How to make money online by offering businesses email management services

In this article, I am going to discuss one method that I came across in order to make money online. So people say when you see a problem, you need to come up with a solution. And in most cases, a lot of people do come across problems and they don’t know an online solution to give to offer. This article is dedicated to my Internet Pro Club students as it is one of the places where I offer coaching to people who need to start online businesses and those who need to start making money online, especially to those in Zimbabwe.

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One of these days I was looking for a place to take my wife out on her birthday, I landed on a website which is called Manna Resorts. I must say Manna Resort is a nicely designed website and when I looked at their website, I saw what they offer and it’s the perfect fit for what I was looking for. I then went on to their contact page and I did send them an email to say, what is your offer/pricing? I really got frustrated because I didn’t get a response at all.

The other website that I went to is Rapid concept. Rapid Concept has got a ticketing system that I would love to integrate with some of the websites that I own for online payments. I reached out to them as well via their Contact us page on their website. I gave them 48 hours to 72 hours. They didn’t respond to me and it was really frustrating.

I also at some point I wanted to consult some things on Maisha Health Fund so that I can subscribe to their services, the same process that I did with other websites. I reached out to them via the contact page. They didn’t respond to me.

What Problems could business websites in ZImbabwe face?

Most of these websites that I  visited, are from Zimbabwe, and this shows that there are so many things that could be possibly happening with their websites.

  1. Let us look at what is the problem that these companies may be facing. They may be not getting my emails, so that means there’s a problem with their website
  2.  Probably they are getting these emails. But there is no dedicated person to respond to the emails. That is the problem that they have, Now the solution that can be offered there.

What solutions can be offered to businesses in Zimbabwe with their emails

  1. It can be a solution to say I can help you with checking and responding to the emails that are sent to your company emails. You need to note that a lot of web designers do create websites and then websites come with management. Things like writing articles, things like responding to emails, things like updating the website, among other things, come with a dedicated team that can be doing that. Some of these big brands or small players that are getting online, may not have these teams in place. That is where you come in to help them.
  2. And trust me, if approach these nicely and offer your service, they are willing to pay you some money. What do you do as a digital marketer to offer a solution in terms of checking their emails. In my case, I do have a number of online businesses and I always have I create an email for each website.That means I’ve got plenty of emails. If I need to check my emails, I have to log into emails one after the other, which can be very time-consuming. What I then did, I paid for a service which is called Live Agent, which is a ticketing system.How Live Agent works. It brings all your support, tickets, all your emails into one portal that you can actually respond to. So you need such a system. It simply means that these companies, don’t have such a system, and if they’re going to pay a dedicated system for that, it can be expensive for them. There is the opportunity for you to become an email manager, sort of, whereby you bring all their emails into one dashboard. You approach company A company, B Company, C company D.

    You bring their emails into one dashboard and you help them with responding to emails. Guess what, When you do this, you can charge these clients a monthly fee or you can charge them a yearly fee for offering your services.

Building a foundation for online success

This is one of the business models that I have come across that can turn into generating some money for anyone who is willing to go for it. I have done a lot of training on this topic, and one of the training that I’ve done is for you to be able to build a foundation of your online business and build upon it. It is almost impossible to close a lot of clients without a website. I’ve dedicated a lot of time to creating an online course that teaches you how to create your own website or for clients.

I also recommend that you check out some of the coolest tips that I’m giving to our Internet Pro Club students via our training courses and also try out one of our free classes, which can help you to understand the processes of making money online and start making things happen.


In my conclusion, did I make myself clear in my article, please? If you have any questions, leave a comment below. I’ll be more than happy to help you with that being said, I can’t wait to hear your success story.

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