Seminar internet marketing for network marketers

I have no doubt that network marketing can be done online well. With the right mindset and training, you will eventually win. In 2019 March I hosted a seminar about different methods that network marketers can do to grow this business online. You will find the video recording of this training on this page.

Internet Marketing for network marketers seminar

The seminar was great even though I was the one teaching what I do. I also had a chance to network with others and learn about the approaches that people use in network marketing.

As you watch the video below please take some notes this is exactly some of the methods that I use in my primary business. It has enabled me to find growth on a global scale. I have added some resources that I explained at the training just below the video enjoy.

Throughout this video, you will learn a number of things I have added some of the resources that I mentioned at the seminar.

Follow up tool that I use in network marketing

Follow up tool  I use this to master follow up with new connection and almost remember most of my conversations and meetings as well. Just to mention a few.

Emails for network marketers

Email ramp This has pre-written emails. AT first, I was not good at writing emails Until I had my hands on this website it helped me to become a better writer when it comes to emails.

The question and answer method

The question and answer method you can view this on my website click here  This part of my website has helped me free up my time on WhatsApp and build a lot of credibility by having Q & A section on my website.

Internet marketing for network marketers training

I have created a training with network marketers in mind. This training is aimed at showing all the steps I take you can access the training here It’s free to access I am not sure how long we are going to keep it open as FREE. But sooner or later we are going to put a price on it.

Other seminars you be interested in

I hosted other seminars on other topics you can check them out here

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Just to mention a few

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